Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Progress!!

So, as if having a second baby isn't enough, we are building a house!!  Here are some pictures of the progress....  It is amazing how quickly things move along once the foundation goes up!  Our estimated closing date is Dec 7, which is ironically Jason's 35th birthday :)  Not to mention, we will be toting around a 2 or 3 week old.  Oh well, I say bring it on!  We can handle it :) 

Not a TON to see, but will continue to post photos as each stage progesses!  Leighton is SO excited to have her own special 'big girl' room, and is going to help me decorate baby sister's room as well.  And mommy and daddy are estatic about more space, room to roam, and our own, actual fenced in YARD (pups will love this too)....  Horray! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just The Three Of Us...

I find that these days, I am referencing anything to do with Jason, LG, and myself as "Just the 3 of us", with finality, like we are nearing the end of an era.  I assume that subconsciously, I do this because I know that our days of one kiddo are numbered, and I feel like for each outing and special event we experience as a family these days, I just want to soak up every second, cherish each tiny memory and word, and bottle it up so I will never forget!  Of course, this is silly, because baby #2 is clearly present and accounted for...   As you can see in our photos :)  I have been pondering what it will be like to be a party of FOUR.  I never had this experience growing up, as I was an only child.  Looking back, it was fine, but as I and my parents are getting older, it is much harder to be an only child, and there are days that I long and ache for a sibling to call up on the phone.  To be honest...  it's lonely :(  So, needless to say, I can't wait to give Leighton the gift of a baby sister, who will be her best friend (some days worst enemy), confidant, and lifelong blood link.  What an amazing blessing, and I am so thankful God has given us this opportunity for her.  However, I am nervous.  I think every new parent experiences the daunting fear of bringing any new life into this crazy world, especially given the level of crazy it's reached in the past few years...  I also find myself nearly parlyzed with fear at the thought of entering a grocery store (or any public place for that matter), with a 2.5 year old, (in)sane mind, leaking breasts, and screaming, acid reflux riddled newborn!  How am I going to do this?!?  I then force myself to reason, and realize that SO many other people do this, with 3 or 4 kids...  Look at the Duggars!  So, all will be well and fine, just the fear of the 'unknown' I suppose.  I also realize what an amazing, hands on, involved husband I have, and that relieves alot of my anxiety ten fold. 

With that being said, we just took our final 'family of three' vacation...  A little babymoon/last only child trip for Leighton to Hilton Head.  Jason's cousin Patrick graduated from basic training on Parris Island, SC, so we parlayed this into a long beach weekend.  It was such a nice little break, and gave us some much needed, special moments with our girl...  She is getting SO big.  It is wonderful and terrifying all at once.  She is turning into a little 'boss', and likes to order around her animals and toys (and sometimes mom and dad), with her little pointed finger shaking in our face "No no!".  She reminds me of a little teacher, giving her orders and commands.  At the same time, she is so sweet, caring, and loving, and I just adore the little person she's becoming! 

                                                               Dancing at the Salty Dog!!

                                                               Twirling in her dress....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Leighton's First Haircut

I ran across these pictures from Leighton's first haircut back in April, and had to post!  They make me laugh so hard for some reason...  She was terrified at first, but ended up LOVING it, and asks if she can go get a 'haircut' at least once a week now.  For those of you in Atlanta, we love Adela at SnipIts at The Forum! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awesome Blog!

I love finding witty blogs that inspire me, so I wanted to share this one with everyone. It is hysterical, and I love that they shed light on so many truths of balancing work and motherhood! I can pretty much relate to every single thing they post about! Huge props to Woments!!!

Just Another Day At The Zoo!

Last Friday, we had a fun playdate at the Atlanta Zoo with some of Leighton's friends who live nearby in Peachtree Corners. Kinsley, Kendall, and Eloise. They had so much fun together!! These girls all have birthdays within one month of each other... so cool. This experience also made me realize what a 'jungle' (sad attempt at a pun) life is going to be with 2 kiddos! Trying to round up all 4 of these wild, sweet monkeys was quite a feat, haha! But great nonetheless, and we had a blast despite the 100+ degree temps!

Finally Understanding...

So the last couple weeks of June were tough for me... As some of you may or may not know, we miscarried back in Nov of last year at 8.5 weeks. So, our due date should have been somewhere in the middle two weeks of June. The miscarriage is something I didn't want to talk about for a long time. I process things internally... it's just how I deal. I luckly have a small handful of amazing women in my life who have unfortunately experienced this loss, and without them I am not sure how I would have made it through. The pregnancy wasn't planned, but we were thrilled and felt blessed, albeit a bit nervous to have 2 exactly 2 years apart. I will say I loved that baby from the moment we had our first ultrasound, and it was measuring a little small. I won't go into details about our loss, but it was an awful rollercoaster. We went from thinking it wasn't viable, to viable, not viable, then finally seeing a heartbeat... then none. I am still trying to understand what God's intention was by deciding to bring our baby back to heaven. I am one of those who truly believes for every cirucmstance, there is a reason. One thing I have taken away, is the miracle of life, and how amazing it is, but also how quickly it can be destroyed in an instant. I have learned that people (most well meaning, some maybe not), don't know how to respond to a miscarriage. I have heard countless uncomfortable mutterings of "Oh, God was just protecting you from a disabled child", or "It just wasn't meant to be, it's okay just try again", or "Oh, they would have been too close together in age, so it will happen when it's meant to". A couple people were totally insensitive, but they are the type you just don't expect much from period. Others responded with "I am so sorry, I don't know what to say, but I'm praying for you" (I prefer this!). I found that the whole experience was extremely isolating... probably one of the most isolating, lonely experiences of my entire life. I hate to admit this, but I found myself irritated with my good friends who hadn't experienced such a loss, because I didn't feel like they could relate. I know they love me and wanted to help, but they just didn't get it (understandably!)... especially those who don't have children yet. In a way, this forced me to create closer, stronger bonds with a few wonderful women I had friendships with before, but am now closer to. That is a good thing. We are part of that 'club' that no one wants to be a part of. I felt such a range of emotions, and was left scarred, broken down, and puzzled as to what came next, and what God's plan for us was from here. All of these things, while having to hold it together for precious LG. Over the months following, I learned alot about myself, as well as what I expect from myself as a person, mother, wife, etc. I have grown exponentially. I know I can handle alot of crap, and make it through. I am strong! Then, God lead me to a crossroads in the month of June (ironically the month we should have had our baby!). He randomly placed me in the path of 5 people (friends) who experienced a miscarriage. Some very close friends, but most not. I felt a surge of love and protection over these women, like a mama hen, and was able to reach out and help (hopefully!) walk them through the range of emotions and steps to take to overcome this profound loss. It was so amazing for little me to feel like I was actually helping other women cope with their loss through my experience. I loved this feeling that I could actually DO something to help, and make them realize they are not alone. That is the best feeling in the world, to help others. I then realized something when a friend brought it to my attention. God was using ME to work through these women, as well as heal myself and bring a sense of closure to my situation. Maybe this is a part of his well laid plan?!? I hope so. I do feel a sense of peace and resolution with God now. I was angry at him for awhile, but now I am just content. I know we will meet our 3rd little one someday in heaven... I really do! And I love to think that maybe that baby crossed paths with our earthly one now in my belly, who we will meet in 4.5 short months. I now have a deep, strong compassion for those women who have lost, or who are coping with infertility. It strikes up a deep sense of sorrow in me, for I know what they are feeling and that awful sense of desolation. I know that through this process, I will ulitmately be a more caring, patient, loving mommy than before, because I realize what a miracle our earthly little children are :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Year Goes By So Fast...

So, it's officialy been a YEAR (minus 10 days, so really 355 days) since I last posted. Oops! Guess life got in the way, and work, family, house duties, etc took over! I just needed a break from alot of things, time to step back and prioritize, and figure out life :) Blogging just didn't fit into the fray! However, I have missed blogging lately, as well as keeping up with friends, so have decided to hop back on the train! In fact, I've woken up early some mornings, when my thoughts are clearest, and told myself I need to go blog about that! My creative writing bug has bitten again, so I'm trying to get the juices flowing. So much has happened over the past 355 days, I am not sure where to even begin. Growth, love, heartache, loss, peace, self discovery, new friends, old friends, trips, life changing experiences... Too much to fit into one post! So, I will try to catch everyone up on our past year's experiences as they come to mind in future posts. Our biggest news is that our family of 3 is expanding to 4!!! I am officially at the 20 week/halfway mark... And what a ride it's been. I had a very tough first trimester, and things just didn't ease up into my 2nd. Very sick, exhausted, hormones through the roof, etc. But, all that aside, we are overjoyed and BLESSED beyond belief to be welcoming a 2nd baby GIRL into our family!! Below are some pictures of our 3D ultrasound. Leighton is growing up so quickly. 27 months now, and more beautiful, intelligent, sweet, and compassionate than I ever thought would be possible. She is truly a blessing to behold, and I still sit in awe at times, wondering how we created such an amazing little person!! Look forward to documenting our upcoming adventures :)